Telling It Like It Is – YYC Queer Innovation Meetup

  • 2023.02.02
  • YYC
Telling It Like It Is – YYC Queer Innovation Meetup

Telling It Like It Is – YYC Queer Innovation Meetup

What an INSPIRATIONAL conversion to kick off Telling It Like It Is #inclusion month. Thank you, Amber Rowden & Ty McKinney, for being authentic and role models in our community. You inspire me and so many others. We need more people like you #keeponbeingawesome The next Queer Innovation Meet-up is Thursday, Feb.9th. 8-Bit Cortex and Rainforest Alberta Rainforest Alberta – yeg. #entrepreneurs #startups

ALBERTA TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM Save the date Apr.26/27 in Calgary. Early Bird Tickets on Sale Now. We unite the province’s disruptive technology ecosystems in a two-day event that shines a spotlight on our success in fields like ML, blockchain, and IoT and highlights the companies building the future of our diversified economy.

Peer Guidance – Purpose Before Profit are Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs. We have walked in your shoes and don’t want capital to get in the way of the help you need. We guide Startups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses through their challenges focusing on Growth, Scaling, Profitability and potential investing.

Founders Coffee is for #Entrepreneurs #Startups #smallbusiness This is the #PlaceToBe #networking event, and there have been a ton of connections made. Come on down to #founderscoffee if you want to meet like-minded people every Tuesday 7.30am at Red’s Diner In Kensington in Calgary and DOSC in downtown Edmonton.